Zombie Finale

Breaking free of the zombie holding grounds, you then squared off with hostile duergar cultists. After falling down and getting back up for a while, you made it to the altar room in order to fall down and get back up some more. Vanquishing the zombie hulks, their minions, and a couple of stubborn altars you find a key to the sewer’s exit. Gatrie is now sporting a shiny new crystal eye.

Zombie lair complete! +500
Monsters +300
Zombie Hulks +300

Beverage Bringer! +50
Tank +50
First In +50
Road Block +50

More Drinks! +50
Meat Cleaver +50
Charger +50

/grrrrr +50
Toot +50
Damsel in Distress +50
Irish Cream +50

Sneak Attacker of Inanimate Objects +50
Freudian +50
Ranged Rogue +50

Spoooon! +50
Crack the Whip +50
Cautious +50
I Reroll 20’s +50

Divinyls +50
Healed Out +50
Half Damage! +50
Lost Action Point +50


(oom) “Guys…uh…I’m gonna go attack the alter, good luck!”

Zombie Finale

Crack the whip? And geez Josiah… you do check it morning noon and night

Zombie Finale

Crack the whip as in the kids game. When you hold hands and try not to break the chain. Except with chaos bolts.

Zombie Finale

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