Bustin' out the Beads

After some sweet talking, you manage to convince the priest of Helm to loan you the rosary to protect you from the plague. From there you went to the beacon tower only to find it in ruins. On your way to the Miner’s Guild to collect explosives, you pick up a lone girl in the middle of the street. Once at the guild’s warehouse, however, you find it actively being looted by thieves.

Monsters: +300
Helm’s Rosary: +300
Deciding Mirabar’s Fate +200

Tank +50
Wall of Steel +50
Save the Citizens! +100

They’re Making Me Be Nice +50
Short Rest! +100
Itchy Fingers +50

Rampage! +100
Snake Eyes! +50
On a First Name Basis With Rylik +50
Sweet Talker +100

Bearer of the Beads +100
Healer +50
Sucks at Religion +50

Protector +200
Masochist +50

Not So Punctual +50
When All You’ve got is a Burst 2. . . +50
Magic Teacher +100
Pizza! +50


A “loan girl” makes it sound bad. I’m assuming that was a typo.

Bustin' out the Beads

maybe I’m trying to drop hints as to her true past. . . or yes, maybe I’ll just update that. :P

Bustin' out the Beads

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