Bustin' out the Beads

After some sweet talking, you manage to convince the priest of Helm to loan you the rosary to protect you from the plague. From there you went to the beacon tower only to find it in ruins. On your way to the Miner’s Guild to collect explosives, you pick up a lone girl in the middle of the street. Once at the guild’s warehouse, however, you find it actively being looted by thieves.

Monsters: +300
Helm’s Rosary: +300
Deciding Mirabar’s Fate +200

Tank +50
Wall of Steel +50
Save the Citizens! +100

They’re Making Me Be Nice +50
Short Rest! +100
Itchy Fingers +50

Rampage! +100
Snake Eyes! +50
On a First Name Basis With Rylik +50
Sweet Talker +100

Bearer of the Beads +100
Healer +50
Sucks at Religion +50

Protector +200
Masochist +50

Not So Punctual +50
When All You’ve got is a Burst 2. . . +50
Magic Teacher +100
Pizza! +50

The Cure

You reach the king only to find him dying from an assassin’s blade. He charges Rylik to save the city by lighting the beacon. Rylik sees that a far greater threat of an undead plague demands that Mirabar be destroyed. He wants to blow the ancient glacial damn, the geweallod. First you must find blasting supplies and a way to avoid becoming the latest victims of the expanding plague.

Monsters +200
Making it to the temple +200

Brave +50
Tanking for Jordan +50
Hasn’t seen his kids in a while +50

Can’t touch this! +50
Royal Looter +50
Pizza! +50

Got your back. . . on fire +50
Wearer of Royal Pajamas +50

We’re not retreating. . . +50

Multikill! +50
Booze Bearer +100

Citizens Shuffle

Mirabar is burning. You split off with Rylik in an attempt to save the king, drowning a few citizens along the way.

Base XP: 800
Citizens death: -400(8)
Bonus XP for being disgustingly late: 300
Losing character specific XP sheet: 200
Total: 900

Gor No More

You have arrived blinking into the mossy greens of Lurkwood. Unfortunately undead armies and
Duergar cultists were stomping all the foliage. Luckily there were some Helmites around to
curtail their forest forays and kind enough to set up a defensive line while you made the run
to the nearest Tethrir. Unmade and destroyed worlds awaited you through the blue portals but
you killed another altar and figured you might as well kill Gor while your at it. Solara
critted on a daily and Kramer broke his +1 spear so he had to get a +2 to make up for it.

Gor +300
A Helping Helm +400

Apple fritters +50
Target Practice +50
Possesed! +50
That’s a lot of damage for a sling. . . +50

Donut Hog +50
Knee Capper of Bosses +100
Run Away! +50

Micahel Jackson +100
“Hit them with the laser!” +50
Posessed! +50

Sword Flourish +50
Demon Killer +100
Pitcher +50
Posessed! +50
Zombie Wrangler +50

A Crit a Day +100
Dances with Lightning +50
Giver of Rides +50

Other Giver of Rides +50
Bertha, Benchpresser of Barbarians +100
Knock the Ghost Out of You +50
Portal Diver +50

Zombie Finale

Breaking free of the zombie holding grounds, you then squared off with hostile duergar cultists. After falling down and getting back up for a while, you made it to the altar room in order to fall down and get back up some more. Vanquishing the zombie hulks, their minions, and a couple of stubborn altars you find a key to the sewer’s exit. Gatrie is now sporting a shiny new crystal eye.

Zombie lair complete! +500
Monsters +300
Zombie Hulks +300

Beverage Bringer! +50
Tank +50
First In +50
Road Block +50

More Drinks! +50
Meat Cleaver +50
Charger +50

/grrrrr +50
Toot +50
Damsel in Distress +50
Irish Cream +50

Sneak Attacker of Inanimate Objects +50
Freudian +50
Ranged Rogue +50

Spoooon! +50
Crack the Whip +50
Cautious +50
I Reroll 20’s +50

Divinyls +50
Healed Out +50
Half Damage! +50
Lost Action Point +50

Moving Down in the World

Your decent continues. Gelatinous cubes and quad-armed skeletons (with scimitars!) join the fray.

Shiny! +50

Everyone Else
Monsters +400

Coffee? +50
Itsa 2. I hit. +50

Hadok. . .er, Chaos Bolt! +50
Moist Towelette +50
Zombie Skewer +50

Give Us Action Points! +50 and 1 extra action point.
Tactician +50

Tank +50
Amulet of Save Your Butt by One Point +50
Sponge +50

If it aint AoE it aint DPS +50
We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Dailies +50

Zombie Lair

You continue to battle zombies, jellies, and all around creepy stuff.

Left 6 Dead +100
Monsters +300
Exploration +100

Beer Bringer +50
Who Am I? +50
Projectile Roller +50
Making the GM do Jazz Hands +50

The Constipator +50
Who Am I Too? +50
Poo Receiver +50

Aw jeez +50
Woohoo! +50
Yes! +50
56 Clerical Damage +50

Pooper-Scooper +50
Hit! No wait. +50
Honest Cheater +50

Clumping Crank Licker +50
Peaker +50
Palpatine +50

54, not quite as good as the cleric +50
Hit! Wait. No. Miss! +50
Charger +50

Travel to Mirabar

After dispatching the devil, you arrive in Mirabar. Bidding farewell to Jedd and doing a bit of information gathering, you discover that people have been disappearing in Mirabar, leading to a city wide lockdown. The mumblings are that the archaeologist’s dig in Lurkwood has disturbed an evil there. You visit the Tin Tankard looking for an archaeologist but instead you find Jonz. Attempting to follow him leaves you dumped in an abandoned thieve’s hideout surrounded by the undead army of an unknown cult. If you are to find the reason for the disappearances, you must first survive it’s victims.

Demonic Dispatch +200
Streetwise +200
Tin Tankard Terror +200

Neither a Borrower +50
High Five! +50
-66 +100
Meat Cleaver +50
Barbarian Tank +100

Team Killer +50
Hard Bargain +100
Odds or Evens +50
Door Killer +100
Zombie-Kabobs +50

I Hit With My Daily! +50
Valve Licker +50
Password Cracker +50
50 Damage! +50
Hadoken! +100

Trinket Collector +50
Generous +50
Well Rounded +50
Opportunist +100
Parrying Blade that Parries! +50

Norah Lenderbee +50
Hard to Get +50
Aw Geez +50
Healing Exhaustion +100
Healing Barbarian Tank +50

48 and Counting +100
5 HP? Use a Daily! +50
Door Killer +50
Donkey Kong +50
Backup Backup Backup Dagger +100

Cave Finale and En Route to Mirabar

You have taken the schooner from Castle Amhurst to Luskan. The trip was uneventful, yet even on the ship you have been ill at ease. Something has been tracking you. From Luskan you head east along the river Mirar en route to Mirabar. You confront bandits robbing the old trader, Jedd. He tells you they have become brazen in their highway robbery. He has heard rumors they run supplies for a cult. Tracing the tracks back to their not so hidden camp, you vanquish the bandits. You find a note reading “They have crossed the master. 5000 Gold pieces if you bring me their heads.”

You are still being followed.

Attempted Rescue +300
Monsters +100
Caravan Rescue +200

Double Kill +100
I Touch It +50
The Bagel Bringer +50
Jazz Hands +50
Butt-Burner +50
Don’t Help the Old Man -50
Triple Play +100

Don’t Open It! +50
Woohoo! +50
Always Carry Mace +50
EKG +100
Actually Read Players Handbook +100
Early +50

Overkill! +50
Team Killer +50
I Killed Something! +100
Shifty +100
Sleepy +50

Dress Up +400
Elderly Stripper +50
30 and Counting +50
34 Attack Roll +100
Brittle Weaponry +50
Give Me Combat Advantage or Give Me Death! +50

Altruism +100
Table Jumper +50
DPS Tank +50
Gnome Bait +50
Roleplayer +100
Tank +50

First Blood! +100
48 Damage (or is it?) +50
Skull Cleaver +100
First In +100
I <3 Damage +50

The Cave

Duke Erish Amhurst has lost his only child. Kidnapped by gnomes a fortnight ago, all rescue attempts have failed to find Gillian. Most haven’t returned at all. He now offers a reward for her safe return.

But all is not as it seems.

You have discovered an ancient city of the Elyr and in it’s center is a portal to another world, a world of subterranean gnomes controlled by the demon prince, Gor. You found Gillian dominated by demonic powers like the rest of Gnomeworld. You’re rescue attempt failed due to Gor’s intervention in the struggle.

But all is not lost.

You have made a new friend, The Ancient One. The last member of a long extinct race, the Elyr, he saves you from the subjugated gnomes. He tells you of four more tethrir leading from your Faerûn to others. The last he knew, one resided in a forest to the North that rests at the base of glacier covered mountains. The stone used to close the portal will glow when you get close.

Duke Amhurst cares only for his daughter. He offers you what supplies he has on your journey to find her. He recommends starting in Mirabar, a Northern city on the edge of Lurkwood, as the caravans have brought word of trouble there. For Gillian’s safe return, he offers you his fiefdom.

All Adventurers get 800XP
Rescue Gillian +300
Monsters +300
Make a Torch +200

Bonus XP
Role Player +100
Tank +50
Strategist +100
Trinket Collector +50

Right Turn +50
Rat Kabob +100
Controller +50
Aquaphobic +50

Skinny Dipper +50
Bowl Filler +100
The Good Sister +50
Don’t Kill the Rats! +50

Long Jumper +100
Healz +50
Blast of Helpfulness +50
Carebear Stare +50

Butt-Stabber +50
Critical (One way or another) +100
First Through the Portal +50
Half Man, Half Orc, Half Prosthetic +50

28 and Counting +100
Sandwich Maker +100
Lock Picker +50
Costume Anticipation +50


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